About [ ENGLISH ]

Hello! I’m Tina Yuan (Nguyen Thi Thuong) from Vietnam and my friends describe me as a quirky and outgoing person. I am also a self-proclaimed happy-go-lucky girl who listens to my heart and not my head.

Tinayuan.net is my little virtual heaven where I share my love for study, travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, business and everything in between with like-minded people. I also believe in love and the freedom and right to find love. When I’m not blogging, you can find me as some volunteer groups teaching English, Vietnamese or different volunteer activities. I have a fantastic and meaningful life when I understand the words “time to give and time to love our beautiful world ”.  I also enjoy photography, reading, writing, late-night watching formula one.

In here, you’ll be walking in my shoes virtually; seeing the world through my eyes.

I can also be found and you will also be able to reach me.

Have A Good Time!

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