Racism is the real Pandemic

Hopefully history does not repeat the situation in 1992 again. When the commercial centers of the sub-Asian community were smashed and soiled. The police also couldn’t do anything. Many people were suffering, losing their life and properties… In the end, for the sake of self-defense, to protect lives and property, many Koreans in California stood on the roof of the house 🏠 pointing guns at the protesters. Those tried to attack and destroy their property even though it was already burned!!!

I used to study and live in a state with a high population of African Americans in the US 🇺🇸. I also witnessed the 3 am scene of Valentine’s Day when people shot each other like in action movies. Then the protests … Social behavior and so on … It’s hard to comment easily on what’s going on!!!

The death of George Floyd, resulting in the wave of anti-racist protests of African American people is absolutely understandable the right thing to do to fight for equality and against racism. In my opinion, if 100 peaceful protesters demanded legitimate rights, George Floyd in heaven would feel very grateful to them. However, many protesters rushed to destroy property, which is no longer called an action of justice for the community because it is called vandalism.

So ask yourselves, can George Floyd and many others in the heaven look down on us and appreciate how people are fighting for them and against racism? During the Covid-19 pandemic and the seriousness of protecting our communities? I believe in raising our voice. It is a beautiful way, sending the messages to the world and making everyone awere of what we are facing right now. However, at some point of the pandemic outbreak, protesters are making Covid-19 even worse, supporting the spread of it.

Please write me your opinion on what you see!

Tina Yuan