Social breakdown

I met a man walking without a mask and I was running on my area roof garden. I think mentally he was quite stressed. When I ran past him I wore a mask , the reason being that I wanted to protect both of us. However, things were not as I thought, he thought that I looked down on him and said, “Am I very sick?” and then he scolded me very badly. I stood like a statue in front of many people. Perhaps among them they thought I was stupid to be scolded like that but still keep silent. Some of them were screaming at me. “Why you kept silence? He will do the same way to others next time.”

IMG 6594 1024x991 - Social breakdown
Silly is peaceful

As for me, I thought differently, maybe he stayed at home too long due to social isolation, or maybe quarrelled with his wife or some members in his family that he could not throw the anger at them. Luckily he met someone like me I guess. Also, we are strangers, know nothing about each other! Nothing to lost! Alright, I let him throw all his anger on me. Hopefully when he returns home he will bring a more relaxed mood. This experience also coloured my life more interesting. Because life is short if we put ourselves in other people’s shoes we will find it easily to move on. Trust me on this point it really helps haha.

Tina Yuan