Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organization

By Nguyen Thi Thuong Fast growing companies have learnt the secret, that in order to stay sustainable and meet their set goals, education is put at the fore front. Having a learning culture in place ensures that employees can sharpen and grow new skill sets, which they can utilize towards the overall growth of the […]

Leadership and Change Management

By Nguyen Thi Thuong The success of an organization is a reflection of how it is run, and the leadership style being used. Companies like Virgin Atlantic, Netflix, Target and Starbucks are examples of entities led by transformational leadership (TFL) (Miller 2019). Bill Gates, Jack Ma and Victor Lombardi are known to have used transactional […]

Leaders and Motivation

By Nguyen Thi Thuong DEFINITION OF TRANSFORMATIONAL AND CHARISMATIC LEADERSHIP With the fast-paced tech industry being a significant economic force in the last two decades, the concepts of transformational and charismatic leadership have gained in importance again. Especially in Tech startups where Leadership styles can quickly decide on the fate of a business, transformational Leadership […]

Effective Leaders and Managers

By Nguyen Thi Thuong   Define how effective managers and leaders manage culturally diverse team members. Diversity encompasses religion, ethnic groups, race, gender, citizenship status, age, mental conditions, and military services, among other distinct variations between people. Over the recent years, organization managers and leaders have increasingly delegated more responsibilities to teams (Cennamo & Gardner […]

Ethical Leadership

By Nguyen Thi Thuong The global business world has experienced numerous ethical issues in business that have devastating impacts on business performance. Ethical leadership is related to the behavior and virtuousness of leaders (Ko 2018, p.120). For that reason, making leadership decisions involves implicit or explicit ethical issues. Some of the companies involved in ethical […]